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how is your business? Hope this email find you well.
Since COVID-19 did you feel the business of repair parts increase less than before? 
As we all known, now wearable smart watch continue to increase at least 150% since from the second half of the year 2019.
There exits still huge room for growth of smart watch in the next five years.

One of our client, who does business with repair parts, began to sell smart watches since December 2019.His business from 100 pcs/month smart watches to 3,000 pcs/month till to this March 2020: Only 3 Months he earns more profit than before.
How he expand his business so quickly? One maintain reason: the smart watch market needs are more and more and continue to increase. And he has also his own special method to expand his new product line.

It can be a good opportunity to expand your business now :D Don't miss it.
Here is some smart watches that we recommend you:
* T500 is same as the apple watch5, 100pcs cost: USD$8/pcs.
*X16 is same as the apple watch6, 100pcs cost: USD$16/pcs.
*P90S is our new designed product with much higher quality, longer battery life and working time and the testing data is more accurate same as with the apple watch, Huawei watch. 
100pcs cost: USD$19/pcs.
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As the factory, we can print your logo on the watch with your needs, can do the OEM service as your needs. Any interests, please feel free to contact me, we will reply you in the first time.

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Lola Wong | Sales Director
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