The Differences between OLED and LCD

OLED, which stands for Organic Light Emitting Display, is made from organic light emitting materials that emit light when current is passed through it, being considered as a thin-film display technology. While LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, adopts liquid crystal control transmittance technology.

Due to two different technologies of OLED and LCD, the structures of them are totally different, and these really makes sense at the performance and application. Here we contrast different aspects of OLED and LCD, thus you can see the obvious differences.

Differences OLED LCD
Black Level
Depends on self-luminous principle, it can produce truly black screens as long as turn off luminous mechanism.
Black pixels are done by covering all the white light with the help of filter. Actually, this process turns out to be very difficult —there is always an amount of light being leaked.
Viewing Angle
Because of the thinner technology and closer pixels, OLED has excellent viewing angle, which means that you will get high quality pictures from any angels you look from, dead center or far aside.
Due to the disparate structures and display technologies, the viewing angle is narrow and the quality of pictures is inferior to OLED.
Colors of OLEDs were not so desirable and it’s hard to keep them realistic in the past. While now, it is much better for the application of new technologies.
Diversified as LCDs are, their performances are unlike depending on the specific technology used. Like IPS and VA, after being properly calibrated, they can provide great color accuracy.
Power Consumption
Less power consumption in a general way, but there are a few exceptions.
Higher than OLED in general. While white screens are far more than black screens, LCD power consumption is less than OLED.
Higher than LCD, but with the rapid technology development of OLED, the gap is narrowing.
Affordable price is one of the advantages of LCD.
No need a backlight, self-luminous.
Need a backlight.
Due to the short lifespan of the blue organic material, shorter than LCD.
Longer than OLED.
Thinner and lighter.
Due to the reason of backlight, LCD is more thick and heavy.
Since the absence of backlight and filters, OLED is more flexible and even rollable.
Poor flexibility
Working Temperature
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