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Colors® Global Partner 2020 online seminar  will be held on June 10, 2020! 
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Four theme live broadcasts, a comprehensive analysis of the new trend of linear lighting, take a "online experience" on the new products at first

  The epidemic situation has not stopped Colors from innovating. During the period, we combined with market demand and developed several "full bright" new products. In consideration of the regional characteristics of user distribution, we will divide the whole day of June 10 into four time periods and conduct theme live broadcasts in accordance with different time zones. Combined with the newly created Colors 360 exhibition hall", the event will take the "new trend of linear lighting" as the main context, and adopt the combination of "real scene installation + virtual application" in accordance with the four aspects from the product features, application scene, installation operation and detail display to introduce new products.

In the regional special exhibition, conduct full analysis of "star product"

For the customers-interested product, we will conduct a two-day regional live broadcast from June 11 to June 12. During this period, if there is a need to get further knowledge of a certain new product, it is able to choose the corresponding session to participate in the live broadcast interaction according to the attached live program.

"HI, new friends"-- show the new look of Colors

In consideration of many "new friends" will join in the event, we specially set up this section to fully display the glamour of Colors from the perspective of enterprise, product, R & D, production and team in order to offer a basic understanding of Colors.

24-hour online customer service, complete consultation and order with one click

The event will set up customer service section on the page, if there is any question while watching the live broadcast or browsing the page, please feel free to click the customer service section on the right side of the screen for consulting. If you are interested in a certain new product to make an order, the customer service staff will arrange the regional sales manager to contact you after collecting relevant information.

Activity process

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