World first Self Install/Instant/Portable CarPlay/Android Auto complete system.
    Truly, we all find ourselves in a strange new world due to current COVID-19 situation.  We're all working even from home, conducting business remotely and trying, in some cases, harder than ever – to make our voices heard.  It's hard time but also a great time to push us, our product, to face the world.
    We hereby introduce you the only end-user install/instant/portable CarPlay/Android Auto in the world. The new version even added the coveted wireless connection capability that allow you to automatically connect and start the CarPlay function when you enter your car!

    We have an amazing offer that the 1000 pcs OEM price of the wireless unit at US$155, popular wired version is at US$115; and its suggested retail are US$499 and US$399 respectively on Amazon.  Both are available now.
    This is your great opportunity to differentiate and surpass your competitors with traditional 2-DIN CarPlay solution.  With our DIY portable (instant installation) and affordable solution, you can expand your market with great margin in this difficult economic climate we are in now.
    We wish for your health and prosperity.

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