IP67 2216 Strip is here.
Meet the milky white silicone extrusion version.

The Design.
1. Using small LED 2216 as light source, high density design with only 3mm distance between each LED, and with the milky white silicone extrusion, we are pushing the uniform lighting to a new level.

2. Ra>90, high color rendering ability.

3. 7LED and 8LED per unit, high effeciency that up to 105Lm/W.

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And more.
1. Driving LEDs in 50% loads for better heat dissipation and improved light decay.
2. Double layer 2oz PCB, better control on heat dissipation and flexibility.
3. Support PWM, 0/1-10V, DALI and other dimming ways.
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Voltage: 24V

CRI: 90+

Size: 9.2X4X5000mm

Watts: 15W/M 

Flux: max 1200Lm/M

Segment: 23.8mm/7pcs LED

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Voltage: 24V

CRI: 90+

Size: 9.2X4X5000mm

Watts: 15W/M 

Flux: max 1350Lm/M

Segment: 26.3mm/8pcs LED

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for Linear lighting, Inderect lighting, or Smart lighting.

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