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PetOhh is a dog toilet/potty that can intelligently collect and store pets' urine. Integrated with liquid detection technology and the unique storage pot design, it can accurately sense liquid (such as dogs' urine) and store it. PetOhh is composed of three parts: the base of the urinal pan, the storage pot and the control module.
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When the dog does not urinate, wonpad is in the standby state, with almost no power consumption in the process. When the dog urinates, the urine will gather to the bottom along the slope of the pan, and the liquid sensor at the bottom will detect urine or liquid, so as to wake up wonpad to enter the working state.When the dog finishes urinating, PetOhh starts to pump the liquid to the closed container, and stops automatically after pumping.

As the sealed storage pot is able to isolate the smell of pets’ urine from outside, the urine odor is no more a problem for indoor use. What’s more, not like most of products in the market, PetOhh need no paper pads to absorb the urine. Not only dog owners may save a lot of money, but also, they do not have to deal with the pad’s wastes.
Only a glass of water will make PetOhh clean. Since PetOhh can automatically collect liquid, dog keepers would just flush the plate surface with water when dogs PETOHH INTRODUCTION finish peeing, and then wait for PetOhh collects all liquid into the storage pot. Pouring pot before its totally full is the last and only step to do.
PetOhh uses a small electrical moto to collect liquid, but it requires no plugged power and external cable connection. Dog keepers will not have to worry about that their lovely dogs bite the cables. More importantly, the built-in battery (2000mAh) is capable of sustaining PetOhh to standby for nearly 20 years and to use for 1 year, thanks to PetOhh’s low power cost design.
This product is completely original and conceived by PetOhh Technology. It is because the founding members encountered headaches in dealing with urine during dog breeding. That is a very cute Shiba Inu, because the family are all office workers, so usually only walk once a day, and would urinate more at home. So the founding team used the chip and sensor technology that they learned to make this smart dog toilet that is very easy to manage. Although the dog is no longer there and he didn't have chance to enjoy this smart dog toilet, but it has become the logo of PetOhh Technology, bringing harmony to millions of families from the spirit.
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